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<   Tuesday 7 June 2005   >

Steve Jobs has announced today during his WWDC keynote [1] a move of Apple to the use of Intel processors. The demos during the show were run on a 3.6 Ghz pentium 4.

So what? Good or bad move?

Fur sure it’s good news for Apple and Intel. Apple has not been able to deliver a PowerPC G5 at 3.0Ghz, nor a G5 powerbook, although all Apple fans were waiting for it. As explained by Jobs (anyone has more accurate information on this?), Intel processors are more power savy than PowerPC [2], good news for the energy conservation (although I’m not sure how this will help the Kyoto protocol). This move could also be positive to decrease the Microsoft monopoly in the OS market. Even if the next MacOS X will surely only run on Apple hardware (and Intel based Apple hardware will surely be able to run Windows).

Good news for MacOS X also as this demonstrates the platform independancy of the kernel. If it stays this way, MacOS X is definetely made to last.

However, I’m not sure it’s a good move for the consumer. We’ll have less processor choices when buying a desktop or server computer. The monopoly of Intel on the processor market will increase. Only AMD left as an alternative to Intel for the end user? Will this be an even wider opened door for the TCPA/Palladium technology?

And a few questions are now open. Will Apple sell AMD based computers? How long will the next MacOS X support the old PowerPC computers?

Future will surely tell. However, I’m not sure I’ll stick on buying Apple hardware in the future...

View online : Story from Mac Rumors.
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[1Worldwide Developper Conference, in San Francisco.

[2The current G5 powermac are shipped with liquid cooling, internal temperature of the processor can go up to 80°C.

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