Xalaat signifie pensée en wolof, la langue principale du Sénégal [1]. Xalaat means thought in wolof, the main language of Senegal [2]

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[1Hormis le français, qui est la langue officielle, on y parle environ 35 langues différentes. Les plus répandues sont le wolof, le peul, le sérère, le diola, le bambara et le soninké.

[2Without french, the official language, there are about 35 different spoken languages, the most common are : wolof, peul, serere, diola and the bambara.


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<   Friday 20 May 2005   >

This title is one from a Pet Shop Boys song, out in 1995. The beautiful lyrics have been written by Neil Tennant and are autobiographical. He wrote the song after reading a critic from a news paper describing the Pet Shop Boys as being boring, which reminded him of a quote from an invitation to a party stating she was never bored because she was never boring. This quotation was from Zelda Fitzgerald

I recently discovered a whole website dedicated to this one song, apparently to celebrate the 10th birthday of its release. On it you can find various informations, links to inspiration sources, the lyrics of course, about the music, the video of the song (also beatiful, in black and white, a sexy one), about the covers, etc. The website is nicely done (though in flash) and has a lot of content. It’s amazing what some fans are doing...

One cover worth listening to is the one from Merril Bainbridge, very quiet, with a few words changed in the lyrics and a soft voice.

I have to admit, I loved the Pet Shop Boys when I was young. :)

View online : 10 years of Being Boring.
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