Internet is definitely my prefered communication medium, for the following reasons:

  • medium diversity, from text to image, from sound to video and everything else in between,
  • its bidirectionality, at least theoratically, because in practice one has to reclaim it,
  • its point to point architecture which permits equal access and possibilities to everyone, again, in theory.

Non Profit Organizations

I’m participating in a few not for profit organizations and projects, here they are.

  • Cassiopea: Internet services organization providing services mainly towards belgian NGO and grassroots organizations. I was one of the founders, president from 2000 to 2006 and I’m currently sysadmin and software developper.
  • e-solidaire: redactional website, in french, close to the Cassiopea activities, where I’m writing from time to time on topics linked to the digital divide.

Free Software

In my available spare time, or sometimes in professionnal projects, I’m participating to the development of a few open source softwares. I’m leading a few and participating with patches and bug reports to others.

  • My github account, where I sometimes contribute to a few projects, usually in the form of patches or bug reporting.
  • My SourceForge page, where I’m active on the following projects:
    • GrapheRRD is a PHP graphical web frontend to the RRD data files coming from MRTG, see the demo website. This project was initiated as part of my work at BELNET, I thanks them for having given me the opportunity to publish this work as open source software.
  • A few contributions to Trac-Hacks: bug reports, patches and maybe later a few plugins I’d like to write for this wonderful tool called Trac. These were mainly done as part of my work at Aquadev.
  • My launchpad page, where I’m trying to help with a few support requests and bug reports on Ubuntu.
Published on : Sunday 13 May 2007.
Modified on : Sunday 24 March 2019.

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